Our Story

A Story of Growth...

1877     A lot was purchased jointly by Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians for a union church.  A building was built which was a one room facility.

1912     Methodists withdrew from the union church and erected a building of their own on the old church site (3rd and Walnut).  The lot was given by J. W. Roper and  Chairman of the  Building  Committee was W. M. Thompson.

1947     The church having outgrown its present facility and membership remodeled the old building and purchased more equipment.  After its remodeling, the building  provided a sanctuary (first floor), four classrooms, fellowship hall and kitchen in the   basement.  The first  service was a funeral service for Mrs. Ada Roper and the first preaching service after this was conducted by the pastor, Dr. H. G. Williamson.

1950     Growth of the church was such that it was apparent that expansion was necessary. Under the leadership of Dr. Williamson, plans were made to expand.

1953     A two-story annex with six classrooms, a nursery and two restrooms was built on the north side of the church.  Ellis Tucker was pastor and led the congregation in this building program.  Much additional equipment was purchased during this time.

1960     Again more room was needed, and two classrooms and pastor's office were built while W. F. Appleby was pastor.

1964     The Saltillo Church became a station church and built a parsonage adjoining the church property on a lot donated  by Jack Roper.  C. W. Arnett was pastor.

1985     Land was purchased next to the church on the east side which included a house that was used for Sunday School classrooms.

1989     The old house was removed and a new Fellowship Hall--Educational Building was built which included three Sunday School classrooms. The new building was dedicated May 28, 1989.

1994     The Administrative Board appointed a Long Range Planning Committee with Dodler Smith chairperson.  This committee prayed, studied our church and community, and discussed options about future growth.

1996     On May 15, 1996, the Long Range Planning Committee submitted a study report and recommendation to the Administrative Board.  They reported, "If this church is to continue to grow and fill its role in the community, we must have more room ... we believe that our growth will be very limited if we remain in our present church facility.  This committee recommends that a new church facility, of adequate size to accommodate projected growth, be built.  With only 1.2 acres of land at our present location and no prospects of acquiring sufficient adjoining properties, we further recommend acquiring adequate land within the city limits of Saltillo on which to build the facility."

1997     March 16, 1997, a Church Conference was called to approve and authorize relocation of our church facilities; to build an adequate church facility; and elect a building committee.  The vote was unanimous in favor of relocation and building of new church facilities.  Nellalyn Bucy offered to the church 8 1/2 acres of land for relocation and building purposes.  

1998     April 12, 1998, a second Sunday Morning Worship service was offered at 8:30 a.m.  On November 1, 1998, a Church Conference was called to accept land donated by Nellalyn Bucy; to relocate and build church facilities on this property; and to approve modifications of architectural plans.  The vote was an unanimous decision to relocate and build.

2000     On June 11, 2000, we  newly opened our current facilities with our first worship service. It was Pentecost Sunday.